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Homogenizing and deaeration System

The turbid beverage needs to be processed through high pressure homogenizing operation which could arrange the constitution well-distributed and enhances the beverage’s physical stability and taste.

Homogenizer is a piston pump essentially. The fluid flows through the limited clearance between valve seat and valve element at a high speed. Under effects of cutting, high-speed jet strike and cavitation effect formed by instant pressure, the product is crushed slightly and forms liquid-solid dispersoid. It adopts 25-40MPa homogenizing pressure and top brand homogenizers are preferred to be chosen. Purpose of deaeration is to avoid oxidation but it may also remove the volatile flavors. To solve this problem, the flavor recycle system needs to be equipped. Therefore, homogenizing and deaeration operation is better to be done after proper heating. Homogenizer and deaerator are usually used together with UHT, installed after the pre-heating section of UHT.

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